5 Ways to Clean up your fitness act!

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A quick and simple act is to get some clear focus on an immediate fitness goal. Lose weight, tone up or get fit are all generic and boring goals! Get some substance in your fitness goals. I want to run a 10km fun run, I want to be able to use free weights…no matter what they are, make your goals specific and measurable.


It may sound funny, but so many just go through the motions. Cross trainer here, wide pulldown there….get involved, research, ask questions, book a personal training session, ask your friends what gets their engines firing! If you know what you are training and why you are training that way, then your fitness will be better for it!


Sometimes you need to give yourself a good slap around the edges to fire the motivation up! We can all talk up our fitness goals, but in the end action speaks louder than words. Show some commitment to getting to that Group Fitness Class or completing that 5km run. The more action the better the result will be!


A great way to clean up your fitness act is to drag a buddy along or be dragged along! It is proven that if you train with a buddy or two you are more likely to achieve your desire fitness goals. Make it a habit to meet at the gym and attend your favourite session together or power out 1000m on the rower together!  Friendly competition and banter can erode the time away and increase your fitness intensity.


The gym is such a powerful and inspiring place to workout. There are so many different men and women training, so why not feed off their motivation. Over 200 members have jumped on board our Spring Clean Challenge….that is so awesome! Be part of a fitness community that seeks results, seeks entertainment and engages in all that our gym offers!

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Top 3 Reasons why food is important to a successful Spring Clean

With the Spring Clean Challenge starting tomorrow, we are going to help you achieve some fantastic results over the coming 5 weeks. There is no doubting the importance of varied and consistent exercise to a healthier and more prosperous life, but why is food so important to adding great value to our healthy lifestyle goals?

Food is the FOUNDATION of a healthy life.

Food matters because we are what we eat. You decide to eat processed rubbish, then that is how your body will feel! Clean, fresh and natural food is what should be the corner stone to everyone's eating habits. You need to make smart food choices between honest, nutrient rich food rather than food that has clever marketing behind it.

Food is FUN and BEAUTIFUL.

When you see fresh, seasonal foods it brings a natural high to the senses. Food is fun, you can put together combinations of delicious products, try new food groups that look inviting and you can do so by yourself or as a family or as a group of friends!!

Fresh food no matter if it is fruits, vegetables, meats or diary are all beautiful to taste. We are all different and of course have different tastes, but fundamentally when you find your favourite tasting food it is a beautiful thing putting into dishes as a combination or just enjoying it by itself! If you can become involved in the farming and cooking then you can have greater reward!

Food helps BUILD your body and REPAIR your body.

When you are consistently exercising and focussing on fitness goals, then you need great eating and great food to help you build the body you're after as well as aid recovery when your muscles are needing to recover after the stresses of exercise.

Clean, nutrient dense food will maximise every session you complete as well as get your body ready to challenge it again the next time you hit the gym or the great outdoors!

There is no secret pill, potion, shake or steak that will give you the results your are after. It is about a consistent approach to healthy smart eating alongside a varied and progressive exercise plan. The Spring Clean starts tomorrow, so set some goals, benchmark your current body so in 5 weeks time you can see how a Spring Clean can improve your fitness journey!

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Spring Clean Packs looking awesome….


Our Spring Clean Packs are looking so clean and ready!!

Starting this Monday, our fitness community will be preparing their bodies for an awesome Summer!

If you have registered, then  get to your gym over the weekend to pick up your SPRING CLEAN PACK. We have had such a massive uptake on this challenge that we still have a couple of packs to complete, but do not worry we will get then ready for Monday at the latest!

So if your pack is not complete when you arrive, we will get it to you as quick as possible on Monday.


August in its own right is a fantastic time to make sure your fitness training is ramping up….days begin to get longer, the warmer months are not too far away and the energy levels of your gym are on the rise!

But why should you participate in our SPRING CLEAN CHALLENGE?

1. There are already over 100 of your gym community committing to the Challenge, which means you will have a huge support network around you to make sure you keep up the intensity and complete as many of the programs as possible.

2. You have 35 days of programming laid out in front of you….it is that simple! Pick your intensity, collect your SPRING CLEAN PACK and then start the first program next Monday!

3. We provide you with a SPRING CLEAN DIARY, where you record your program success and keep track of how you are going throughout the cleanse. Here you can take notes on the exercises, ask for advice from Personal Trainers as well as rate each workout!

Get onboard, REGISTER TODAY!


Have you registered for the SPRING CLEAN CHALLENGE?

Starting Monday 17th August you will begin 35 days of programming, split between Group Fitness Classes, Strength & Conditioning, Cardio & Flexibility as well as Body Weight and Functional Training!

We already have over 100 registered Spring Clean Challengers, which means our gyms are going to be full of energetic and focussed members achieving fantastic results!

Part of the Spring Clean Challenge you receive a SPRING CLEAN DIARY, where you will record your efforts and sessions. As seen above, we want you to record your stats as well as how you rated your workout and what you are looking forward to achieving the next day.


Just feeling way too excited!!!

This is for all of you!!! Plus a special shout out to Monday 6am Spin at Lane Cove…I’ve loved the last 8 weeks covering for Pete and reckon we finished with a belter!!! AWESOME!!!

Enjoy your amazing days guys and girls of North Shore Gym!!


Huge congrats to all the Team Sky members of North Shore Gym…..WE WON!!!!

Well done to Movistar and Astana for the challenge and of course the awesome other team performances….

Team Sky you were relentless and energetic in our quest for victory from the outset of the Tour Challenge 2015.

Enjoy the celebrations and the trophy!!!

Here are some brilliant spin kings and queens….

If you can’t recognise this bunch of lookers it’s because they are not in lycra!!!! A big shout out to these guys and girls for making our Tour de France Challenge so successful! 

A dedicated and enthusiastic energy from all!