Whether you’re a fitness warrior or are at the beginning of your journey, it can be difficult to find the motivation to keep coming to the gym each day. One way to ensure your mind and body remain “in the game” is to add group fitness classes to your weekly regime. Here’s five reasons why it rocks:


Once you commit to your group fitness class, there is no need to worry about when to fit your next workout into your day or week. You know Thursday 6am is your Body Attack class, it lasts for one hour and you’ll be done and dusted by 7am. Too easy!


In every group class you are guaranteed to be surrounded by others wanting to improve their fitness. This can help with demonstrating that you are not alone on your journey. If you find it difficult to train solo, jump into a class and immerse yourself in the action of 20 other like-minded fitness comrades!


Nothing gets you more fired up for a cracker workout than an inspirational group fitness instructor. They’re fit, athletic and you’ll want to do your best to tackle every challenge they throw at you. Leading by example while cheering you on every step of the way is the goal of every group fitness instructor.


North Shore Gym packs a massive punch when it comes to group fitness variety. With more than 70 classes at each gym, you can complete a different group session every day of the week. From the challenge of a spin class through to a peaceful restorative yoga class, our group fitness timetables have something for everyone.


To maintain and improve your fitness, you need to have fun doing it. . Group fitness classes are entertaining and rewarding. One NSG member remarked to me just last week that “all I need to do is show up, and the instructor motivates me through the rest. Before I know it, the hour is up and I’ve had a great workout. “ I teach spin and boxing throughout the week, and I love witnessing and encouraging the effort and energy our members put into every session. Like anything, it’s what you put into the session that determines the ultimate outcome.

So grab a timetable, choose a class and try something new this week. Your body (and mind) will thank you for it!

Questions? I’d love to hear from you . Email me at dugald@northshoregym.com.au

How to keep going once you’ve run through the FINISH LINE!!

As we move closer to the end of our FEBFAST Challenge, we start to think of the first drink or the next hamburger or that block of chocolate…..so yum!!!! But how do we stop ourselves from returning to those habits that were preventing our fitness journey from reaching the next milestone?


This year you need to make SMART food choices. You need to be SMART in your approach to changing these habits….its been a good February, but lets make it a GREAT 2015!!! Do it this way:

  • Commit to structure in your eating and training habits. If you decide that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays are going to be your alcohol free days, then MAKE IT HAPPEN! Treat those three days like you have treated February. SAME MINDSET WILL EQUAL SAME RESULT!
  • Keep you fridge and pantry clear of those items that attract bad choices. Just because the challenge is coming to the end, it does not mean that you go stock up on all those bad choices. Stick to the structure.
  • Use all the RESOURCES at your disposal throughout the year. Don’t just go back to same old same old…ask questions, book into an ELEMENTS session, chat to a Personal Trainer…..make sure you stay engaged in what is going on in the gym. Our job is to motivate you to keep your fitness journey going….so use us to help!!!
  • GET EDUCATED! I mean literally ask questions, read journals and subscribe to newsletters that can aid your fitness journey. They do not have to be super technical, but from what you read and listen too, you can take one or two facts out of it that may help your training.


I have been using the “Don’t let the NO inside your head WIN!” lately. I enjoy the challenge of fighting that little voice saying GIVE UP, or JUST STOP NOW, or YOU DID REALLY WELL BUT TIME TO STOP! The more I can put these types of thoughts out of the head, the more I achieve and feel better for it!

Of course not every session will be your best, but every mindset can be positive! Remember that every session completed is another step closer to the next milestone in your fitness journey!


You cannot achieve anything if you are not there in the mind. You need to want the result before you can achieve the result. Do not kid yourself, be honest and realistic. Matt told me today that “ER” has been added to “SMART” Goal setting….Goals need to be EXCITING AND REVIEWED! I thought this to be an excellent add on to the original goal setting tool. You definitely need to be excited about the next milestone that you would like to achieve, and as you progress towards it, don’t forget to review it so that you are maximising how you reach that milestone!

Well done to all who have achieved their FEBFAST CHALLENGE!

As always, if you need any help please contact me. dugald@northshoregym.com.au